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Foursquare is a prominent geolocation technology company known for its location-based services and data insights. It initially gained popularity with its City Guide app, which enabled users to check in and share their locations. Today, Foursquare offers a range of enterprise products, including data analytics and location services, supporting businesses globally with advanced geospatial technology.

Founded: 2009

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Foursquare Company Overview

Foursquare Labs Inc., commonly known as Foursquare, is a leading geolocation technology company headquartered in New York City. Founded by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai, the company originally focused on its mobile app, Foursquare City Guide, which allowed users to discover local places, check in, and share their locations. This innovative app popularized real-time location sharing and check-ins, quickly amassing a substantial user base. The company's evolution began with the introduction of various features and products aimed at leveraging the extensive location data it collected. In 2014, Foursquare launched Swarm, a companion app dedicated to social networking and location sharing, while Foursquare City Guide pivoted to focus more on local search and personalized recommendations. This shift enabled Foursquare to enhance its services and cater to a broader audience. Foursquare's core technology, Pilgrim SDK (now Movement SDK), was developed to offer advanced location detection and contextual awareness. This technology is integral to the company's suite of enterprise products, which includes Pinpoint for targeted advertising and Attribution for media performance measurement. Foursquare also offers the Places API, providing businesses access to an extensive database of over 120 million points of interest worldwide. In addition to its consumer apps and enterprise solutions, Foursquare has expanded its technological capabilities through strategic acquisitions. In 2020, it merged with Factual Inc., further enhancing its data and geospatial analytics offerings. In 2021, Foursquare acquired Unfolded, a platform for geospatial data visualization, which was rebranded as Foursquare Studio. The company continues to innovate, with recent products like Hex Tiles and Foursquare Graph, which streamline large-scale geospatial data analytics. Foursquare's pioneering efforts in location technology have made it a valuable partner for businesses seeking data-driven insights. Its clients span various industries, including marketing, retail, and real estate, leveraging Foursquare's advanced geolocation data to drive strategic decisions and improve customer engagement. Foursquare's impact on the tech industry and its continuous innovation in geospatial technology highlight its enduring relevance and growth potential in the evolving landscape of location-based services.

Management Team

Dennis Crowley Co-Founder, Executive Chairman
David Shim CEO
Rory Parness CFO
Marc Ellenbogen General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
Josh Cohen SVP, Product
Jeremy Tryba SVP, Engineering

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