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Forte Labs Inc. provides an end-to-end blockchain platform designed for game developers and publishers to integrate blockchain technology into video games. Their solutions include token wallets, NFT minting, and management of digital assets, aiming to create sustainable, compliant game economies that benefit both developers and players.

Founded: 2019

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Founded with the vision of transforming digital economies, Forte Labs Inc. offers a comprehensive platform that enables game developers and publishers to leverage blockchain technology. Forte's platform supports seamless integration of features such as token wallets, non-fungible token (NFT) minting and selling, and robust payment systems. This technology empowers developers to create and manage in-game economies that align the interests of both developers and players. Forte's platform is built to address the challenges and opportunities in the evolving Web3 gaming space. It provides the infrastructure needed for true digital ownership, where players have property rights over their in-game assets. This is facilitated by blockchain technology, which ensures that these assets are immutable and transparent. As a result, players can trade, sell, and own digital goods in a way that mirrors real-world ownership, fostering a more engaging and financially rewarding gaming experience. One of Forte's key partnerships is with Zynga, a leader in interactive entertainment. Together, they are pioneering the development of Web3 games, exemplified by Zynga's first blockchain-based game, Sugartown. This collaboration underscores Forte's commitment to creating safe, compliant, and enjoyable gaming environments that harness the full potential of blockchain technology. Forte's platform is designed to be developer-friendly, offering tools and services that simplify the integration of blockchain features into games. This includes compliance mechanisms to help developers navigate the regulatory landscape, ensuring that game economies are both ethical and sustainable. Overall, Forte Labs Inc. is at the forefront of merging blockchain technology with gaming, creating new economic opportunities and enhancing the gaming experience by enabling true ownership and transparent digital economies.

Management Team

Josh Williams CEO, Co-Founder
Bela Pandya CFO
Andy Yang President, COO
Brett Seyler Co-Founder, Platform & Economic Design

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