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Form3 is a cutting-edge financial technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the payments industry through its innovative, cloud-native, real-time account-to-account payment platform. Trusted by leading global institutions, Form3 offers seamless integration and operation for various payment schemes across the US, Europe, and the UK, enhancing operational efficiency and compliance for its clients.

Founded: 2016

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Form3 was founded with a vision to transform payment technology for financial institutions by eliminating the dependency on outdated and expensive payment infrastructures. By providing a modern, cloud-native platform, Form3 has established itself as a leader in real-time, scalable account-to-account payment solutions. The platform supports a wide range of payment schemes, including ACH, RTP, FedNow in the US, SEPA in Europe, and FPS, BACS in the UK. This technological foundation allows Form3 to offer dynamic scaling, robust risk management, and regulatory compliance tailored to the needs of banks, fintechs, and financial institutions. Notably, the company's architecture utilizes microservices, ensuring high resilience, adaptability, and efficient integration capabilities. Form3's platform is built to insulate customers from the complexities of the payment landscape, including scheme rule changes and regulatory updates. Form3's strategic approach to payment solutions emphasizes four key areas: applied innovation, growth support, standard setting, and collaboration strength. The company's commitment to innovation is evident in its proactive adaptation to changing payment environments and technologies. By focusing on growth, Form3 ensures that its infrastructure scales dynamically with client needs, supporting peak payment volumes without compromising service quality. In setting standards, Form3 alleviates the burdens of back-office management, compliance, and security for its clients, while their emphasis on collaboration enhances control over payment processes and reduces operational costs. The company's impact and efficiency have led to significant partnerships and investments, highlighting its robust collaborations with leading financial entities. These partnerships are crucial, enhancing Form3's ability to offer advanced payment processing, clearing, and settlement services. Form3 stands out in the fintech landscape for its innovative approach to payment technology, making it a pivotal player in the ongoing evolution of digital payments.

Management Team

Mike Walters Chief Executive Officer
Bonnie Mitchell Chief Financial Officer
Steve Cook Chief Technology Officer
Achilleas Pitsillides Chief Information Security Officer
Julian Colls Chief Customer Officer
Simeon Lando Chief Marketing Officer
Matt Tuck Chief Commercial Officer
Eimear O'Connor Chief Product Officer
Giles Hawkins Chief Legal Officer

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