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Form Energy is pioneering the energy industry with its iron-air battery technology, providing multi-day energy storage solutions. Their innovative systems store electricity for up to 100 hours, enhancing grid reliability and sustainability. By enabling cost-effective, long-duration storage, Form Energy supports the transition to a renewable energy future.

Founded: 2017

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Form Energy, founded to tackle the critical need for long-duration energy storage, is pioneering the energy sector with its innovative iron-air battery technology. This breakthrough allows for the storage of electricity for up to 100 hours, offering a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to conventional power plants. The company's mission is to enable a cleaner, more reliable electric grid, aligning with global climate change mitigation efforts. The iron-air battery, Form Energy's flagship product, utilizes a reversible rusting process to store energy, which is then released when the iron reverts to its original state. This technology not only ensures cost-competitiveness with traditional power plants but also provides the long-duration storage required to balance intermittent renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Form Energy’s strategy includes transforming the energy landscape through strategic partnerships and collaborations with grid operators and energy providers. Their first manufacturing facility, Form Factory 1, marks a significant milestone towards large-scale production, ensuring the widespread availability of their innovative storage solutions. With a dedicated focus on reshaping the electric grid, Form Energy is poised to support a sustainable future, advancing the transition towards renewable energy with their cutting-edge storage solutions.

Management Team

Mateo Jaramillo CEO
Charlotte Beard CFO
Yet-Ming Chiang Chief Science Officer
William Woodford CTO
Ted Wiley President and COO

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