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Flock Safety provides advanced security solutions using License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, video cameras, and audio detection to help communities and businesses prevent and solve crimes. Their innovative platform integrates real-time intelligence and comprehensive data to enhance safety and security across various sectors, including law enforcement, neighborhoods, schools, and commercial properties.

Founded: 2017

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Flock Safety focuses on enhancing community safety through advanced technology solutions. The company specializes in License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras, video surveillance, and audio detection systems designed to deter crime and aid in investigations. Their key products include the Flock Safety Falcon®, a fixed LPR camera suited for various roadway conditions, and the Flock Safety Condor™, a video camera that provides live and recorded footage for situational awareness. Flock's integrated software platform, FlockOS®, unifies data from multiple sources to deliver actionable insights and real-time intelligence. The company's mission is to create safer communities by partnering with law enforcement, private sector businesses, and local governments. Their technology is utilized by thousands of communities, helping to solve crimes more efficiently and effectively. Flock Safety's commitment to privacy and transparency is reflected in their ethical approach to data handling, ensuring that evidence gathered is both unbiased and objective. Flock Safety's innovative solutions are tailored to various sectors, including neighborhood associations, retail businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. Their subscription-based service model offers full maintenance and support, ensuring that clients receive continuous protection without the burden of system upkeep. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and community collaboration, Flock Safety aims to significantly reduce crime rates and improve overall safety for all its users.

Management Team

Garrett Langley CEO, Co-Founder
Matt Feury CTO, Co-Founder
James LaCamp CFO
Elan Greenberg COO
Davis Lukens Chief Product Officer
Alex Latraverse Chief Revenue Officer

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