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Flipboard is a content aggregation and curation platform that personalizes news and stories across various topics for its users. It integrates content from multiple sources, offering a magazine-like experience tailored to individual preferences, enhancing discoverability and engagement with diverse media.

Founded: 2010

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Founded in 2010 by Mike McCue and Evan Doll, Flipboard revolutionized the way people discover and engage with content online. Designed initially for iPad, it now supports various platforms, creating personalized digital magazines where users can "flip" through news, articles, and updates from both traditional news outlets and social media. Its user-friendly interface mimics the physical flipping of a magazine, making digital reading visually appealing and easy to navigate. The platform aggregates content based on user preferences and reading habits, employing algorithms to curate stories that cater to individual tastes. This personalized approach helps users stay informed on topics they care about, from global news and technology to lifestyle and entertainment. Flipboard also provides tools for users to create their own magazines, contributing to a community-driven content ecosystem. This capability allows for the sharing and promotion of user-curated content, adding a unique social layer to the platform. Flipboard's innovative model has attracted partnerships with major publishers and content creators, enhancing its offerings and providing users with a rich, diverse reading experience. The platform is particularly appealing to advertisers and publishers seeking targeted audiences, as it combines content discovery with advertisement, benefiting all parties involved in the content consumption chain.

Management Team

Mike McCue CEO
Yajie Gao COO
Andrew Zalk Head of Paid Content
Jack Mazzeo Head of Product
Christel van der Boom Head of Communications
Brian Gottesman Head of Video and Monetization Products
Kerri Anthony Head of People

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