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Flexe is a leading provider of flexible warehousing and logistics solutions, specializing in helping enterprises adapt and scale their supply chain operations without the complexities and costs associated with traditional warehousing. Founded in 2013 and based in Seattle, Flexe offers a tech-enabled platform that integrates with hundreds of warehouse operators across the U.S. and Canada, facilitating innovative services like eCommerce fulfillment, retail distribution, and network capacity solutions to major corporations.

Founded: 2013

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Flexe Company Overview

Founded in 2013, Flexe revolutionizes the logistics industry by offering a flexible warehousing infrastructure, primarily targeting Fortune 500 companies. With its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, Flexe provides a scalable solution for businesses looking to enhance their supply chain efficiency without committing to long-term warehouse leases or hefty upfront costs. This is facilitated through a proprietary technology platform that connects businesses with hundreds of warehouse operators across North America, making Flexe the largest network of its kind. Flexe's offerings are broad and tailored to meet diverse logistical needs, including eCommerce fulfillment, retail distribution, capacity management, and same-day delivery services. Their model is particularly advantageous for businesses dealing with fluctuating inventory levels, seasonal peaks, or rapid market expansion. By employing Flexe’s services, companies can quickly activate additional warehousing and distribution capabilities as needed, improving their responsiveness to market demands and operational flexibility. The foundation of Flexe's service is its advanced logistics platform that allows for seamless integration and management of logistics operations. This platform supports efficient distribution and fulfillment processes, enabling companies to replenish products swiftly, scale their fulfillment networks, and activate same-day delivery in crucial markets, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. In addition to physical logistics, Flexe's platform offers robust data intelligence capabilities. Clients can leverage proprietary data and market insights to make informed decisions about their logistics strategies, optimizing both short-term operations and long-term investments. This approach not only improves operational efficiencies but also supports strategic initiatives like market entry, network consolidation, and supplier diversification. Flexe's innovative approach to logistics, combined with its deep industry expertise and commitment to leveraging technology for smarter logistics solutions, positions it as a critical partner for companies aiming to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Management Team

Karl Siebrecht CEO, Co-Founder
David Glick CTO
Deirdre Runnette Chief People Officer, General Counsel
Adam Kapel Chief Growth Officer
Megan Evert SVP, Operations
Lara Rogers SVP, General Manager
Mike Wargel SVP, Strategy

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