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Firefly Aerospace is a leading player in the aerospace industry, focusing on providing comprehensive end-to-end space transportation solutions. The company designs, manufactures, and operates a variety of space vehicles, including the Alpha and MLV launch vehicles, the Blue Ghost lunar lander, and the Elytra orbital vehicle. These innovations enable Firefly Aerospace to offer payload delivery, hosting, and servicing across space, supporting a range of missions from satellite launches to lunar expeditions.

Firefly Aerospace Company Overview

Firefly Aerospace, based in Cedar Park, Texas, is a dynamic force in the aerospace sector dedicated to revolutionizing space accessibility through economical and reliable spacecraft and launch vehicles. Their suite of technologies includes the Alpha launch vehicle, tailored for high-frequency, low-cost missions, and the Medium Launch Vehicle (MLV), created in partnership with Northrop Grumman to boost payload capacity affordably. Firefly's lunar exploration initiatives are spearheaded by the Blue Ghost lander, designed for payload delivery across the lunar surface, supporting annual missions with capabilities for prolonged lunar night operations and potential sample returns. In addition to lunar missions, Firefly Aerospace is expanding into orbital services with its Elytra vehicle, which offers scalable solutions for on-orbit transfers, payload delivery, and spacecraft servicing. This initiative aims to accommodate a broad range of customer needs extending across cislunar space and beyond. Firefly's commitment extends beyond technology to include substantial community engagement and strategic partnerships with major space agencies and organizations such as NASA, DARPA, and the Space Force, marking its significant role in advancing U.S. space capabilities. The company fosters a culture of innovation and passion for space, creating a vibrant work environment that attracts individuals eager to influence the future of space exploration. Opportunities at Firefly span across various domains from rocket propulsion to spacecraft development, emphasizing the company's inclusive and forward-thinking approach to its missions and industry contributions. This holistic approach not only propels technological advancements but also ensures Firefly Aerospace remains a crucial player in the global aerospace community, continually opening new avenues for space exploration and utilization.

Management Team

Bill Weber Chief Executive Officer
Thomas E. Markusic Founder and Chief Technology Advisor
Darren Ma Chief Financial Officer
Dan Fermon Chief Operating Officer
Pete Starnes Chief Investment Officer

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