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Fireblocks is a leading platform for secure digital asset management, catering to financial institutions, trading desks, and exchanges. It offers advanced security features, including multi-layered protection and direct custody models, to safeguard assets and streamline operations across various digital asset activities, from custody to payments and tokenization.

Founded: 2018

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Fireblocks Company Overview

Fireblocks is a premier digital asset platform that specializes in secure storage, transfer, and issuance of cryptocurrencies. The company’s platform integrates advanced security measures, notably Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and hardware isolation, ensuring the highest level of protection against cyber threats and internal breaches. Fireblocks caters to a wide array of financial institutions, including banks, hedge funds, exchanges, and fintech companies. The platform supports thousands of institutions worldwide, providing them with a comprehensive solution for managing their digital assets. This includes services for crypto trading, treasury management, and digital asset payments. With support for over 50 blockchains and more than 1,200 tokens, Fireblocks offers broad compatibility and extensive functionality. The company’s API-based infrastructure enables seamless integration into existing systems, allowing institutions to build custom workflows and applications. Fireblocks also features integrated compliance tools for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Transaction (KYT), which help institutions meet regulatory requirements while minimizing operational risks. A standout feature of Fireblocks is its direct custody model, which ensures clients have full control over their private keys. This significantly reduces the risk associated with third-party custodianship. The platform also facilitates the creation and management of digital wallets, minting and transfer of tokens, and deployment of smart contracts, all within a highly secure environment. Fireblocks’ flexibility in deployment is another key advantage, offering solutions across various environments, including SaaS, private cloud, and on-premises installations. This adaptability ensures that institutions can scale their digital asset operations efficiently and securely. Fireblocks has positioned itself as a vital infrastructure provider in the digital asset ecosystem, driving innovation and security in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Management Team

Michael Shaulov CEO, Co-Founder
Pavel Berengoltz VP R&D, Co-Founder
Idan Ofrat CTO, Co-Founder
Jason Allegrante Chief Legal and Compliance Officer
Anitha Gopalan CFO
Oded Blatman CIO, CISO
Roi Karo Chief Risk and Strategy Officer
Stuart Thompson Chief People Officer

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