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Figure Technologies specializes in providing innovative financial solutions through advanced blockchain technology. Renowned as a leading non-bank lender in the United States, Figure offers a streamlined, fully digital application process for home equity lines of credit (HELOC). Their platform allows homeowners to unlock the equity in their homes efficiently and affordably, addressing diverse financial needs such as debt consolidation, home improvements, and educational expenses.

Figure Technologies Company Overview

Founded in 2018, Figure Technologies has rapidly positioned itself at the forefront of financial technology firms in the United States by revolutionizing the way consumers access and manage equity. Utilizing advanced blockchain technology, Figure simplifies the lengthy financial processes associated with traditional banking. Their flagship product, the Figure Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), offers a fully automated, 100% online application process that promises approval within minutes under qualifying conditions. The company was co-founded by Mike Cagney, who previously co-founded SoFi, bringing a wealth of experience in financial innovation. Figure's HELOC product enables customers to access up to $400,000 of equity in their homes for uses such as major renovations, debt consolidation, and funding education. The digital platform not only ensures a speedy application process but also provides customers with competitive interest rates and the flexibility of additional draws during the repayment period. Beyond its HELOC offerings, Figure has expanded its services to include other financial products such as mortgage refinancing and unsecured personal loans, each leveraging the company's proprietary blockchain platform for speed and efficiency. Figure also emphasizes a strong commitment to customer support and has established itself as a trusted provider with over $9 billion in funded loans, helping more than 100,000 households achieve their financial goals. The company's innovative use of blockchain technology not only enhances the efficiency of loan processing and reduces overhead costs but also increases transparency and security for its customers. Figure's commitment to leveraging technology for financial solutions continues to set it apart in the fintech industry, making it a notable player in the evolution of digital lending.

Management Team

Mike Cagney CEO, Co-Founder
June Ou COO, Co-Founder
Asiff Hirji President
Tony Morosini GM Figure Pay, President of Figure Payments Corporation
Matt Conroy Senior VP of Engineering
Ruben Padron Chief Data Officer
Andrew Madar CLO, Chief Compliance Officer

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