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Figment is a leading provider of digital asset staking solutions designed for institutional clients. They offer comprehensive services including staking applications, APIs, validators, and liquid staking among others, catering to a wide range of institutional needs such as asset managers, custodians, and exchanges. Figment's platform is built on a foundation of security and efficiency, aiming to facilitate seamless integration and management of blockchain staking operations.

Founded: 2018

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Figment operates as a pivotal service provider in the blockchain ecosystem, specializing in staking solutions tailored for institutional clients. Established to bridge the gap between traditional institutional investment frameworks and the burgeoning field of digital assets, Figment offers a robust platform that supports various proof-of-stake protocols such as Ethereum, Solana, and Polkadot. Their product suite is extensive and includes a staking app, API services, and comprehensive data solutions that empower clients to make informed, real-time decisions regarding their digital asset investments. Figment is particularly noted for its 'safety over liveness' approach to staking, which prioritizes the security of assets over mere operational uptime. This philosophy has placed them at the forefront of the industry, especially in terms of slashing protection—a critical concern for asset managers and custodians wary of penalties inherent in blockchain staking protocols. Furthermore, Figment addresses the needs of various institutional players by offering tailored solutions such as asset management tools, exchange integration, and custodian services. Their platform not only supports established blockchains but is also adaptable to emerging technologies, ensuring that clients can leverage staking as a lucrative avenue for asset growth. The founders of Figment have backgrounds in technology and finance, combining their expertise to craft a service that meets the complex requirements of institutional investors entering the digital asset space. Their vision is underscored by a commitment to compliance and regulatory adherence, which is essential for clients navigating the evolving blockchain landscape. Figment's influence extends beyond its technology, as it plays an active role in protocol development and community initiatives, helping to shape the future of blockchain technology through participation in governance and strategic advisory. This holistic approach makes Figment a trusted partner for institutions looking to explore the potentials of blockchain technology responsibly and profitably.

Management Team

Lorien Gabel Co-Founder & CEO
Matt Harrop Co-Founder & CTO
Andrew Cronk Co-Founder & COO

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