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Farmers Business Network (FBN) empowers family farmers through data-driven insights and direct-to-farm services. With a strong focus on sustainability and maximizing farm profitability, FBN provides a comprehensive suite of services including farm inputs, financial services, and innovative agricultural technologies.

Farmers Business Network Company Overview

Founded in 2014 by Amol Deshpande and Charles Baron, Farmers Business Network (FBN) is revolutionizing the agricultural sector by leveraging data to enhance the profitability and sustainability of family farms. Positioned as a farmer-first company, FBN harnesses the collective strength of its growing network of over 75,000 farmers spanning across three countries and covering more than 145 million acres of farm land. FBN's business model is centered around data transparency and technology. The platform offers a suite of services that includes high-quality farm inputs delivered directly to farms, advanced crop marketing, financial services, and risk management solutions. These services are designed to reduce production costs, maximize profit potential, and support informed decision-making among farmers. The company's flagship offerings include FBN Direct®, which facilitates the online purchase and direct delivery of farm inputs such as seeds, chemicals, and animal feed. This service ensures transparency in pricing and provides farmers with access to a wide range of high-performing products at competitive prices. Additionally, FBN has developed Gradable®, a sustainability platform that provides tools and services to help farmers implement more sustainable practices, manage crop nutrition, and generate carbon credits. This platform exemplifies FBN's commitment to not only supporting farm profitability but also enhancing environmental stewardship. The impact of FBN's innovative approach is evident in its rapid growth and the accolades it has received, being recognized as one of the most innovative companies in data science. Through its unique combination of technology, data, and a farmer-centric approach, FBN is uniquely positioned to lead the transformation of the agricultural industry towards a more sustainable and profitable future.

Management Team

Amol Deshpande CEO
Maria Olide CFO
Richard Liu VP of Finance, Corporate Controller
Andy Cahoy Head of Sales Development
Ben Harms Head of Strategy and Operations, Crop Marketing
Devin Lammers Head of Growth
Jeffrey Drimmer Head of Logistics
Tom Staples GM, Canada

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