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Fanatics Inc. is a global leader in licensed sports merchandise, offering an extensive range of products that cater to sports fans worldwide. The company operates a robust digital platform that enables fans to purchase licensed gear, collectibles, and participate in online gaming. Fanatics' partnerships span across numerous sports leagues and athletes, enhancing its market reach and brand presence internationally.

Founded: 1995

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Fanatics Company Overview

Founded with a vision to fuel the passion of sports fans around the world, Fanatics Inc. has evolved into a premier global digital sports platform. The company specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of officially licensed sports merchandise, including fan gear, jerseys, lifestyle apparel, and hard goods. Fanatics operates through several key divisions: Fanatics Commerce, Fanatics Collectibles, and Fanatics Betting & Gaming, each serving distinct aspects of sports fan engagement. Fanatics Commerce excels in creating and distributing sports apparel and accessories, leveraging direct partnerships with major sports leagues and teams to ensure authentic and timely merchandise. This vertical integration allows Fanatics to maintain control over the quality and distribution of its products. In the realm of collectibles, Fanatics Collectibles has made significant strides by offering both physical and digital trading cards, sports memorabilia, and other digital assets. This division taps into the growing trend of digital collectibles, enhancing the traditional fan experience with innovative digital offerings. The company's expansion into the betting and gaming sector, Fanatics Betting & Gaming, represents its strategic move towards creating a comprehensive sports and entertainment experience. This division focuses on integrating betting opportunities with fan engagement activities, providing a holistic platform for sports enthusiasts. The operational backbone of Fanatics is supported by a global infrastructure that includes more than 80 offices and facilities worldwide. This extensive network ensures efficient distribution and localized strategies that cater to international markets. The company's commitment to innovation and fan engagement has attracted a broad base of investors and has positioned Fanatics at the forefront of the sports merchandise industry. Fanatics continues to drive growth through strategic expansions, digital innovation, and robust partnerships with global sports entities. Its diverse business model is well-positioned to leverage current market trends and pave the way for long-term success in the evolving sports entertainment landscape, reflecting a steadfast commitment to innovation and comprehensive fan engagement.

Management Team

Michael Rubin Chief Executive Officer
Glenn Schiffman Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Tucker Kain Chief Strategy and Growth Officer
Meier Raivich Chief Communications Officer
Gregg Winiarski Chief Legal Officer

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