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Faire is an innovative B2B e-commerce platform designed to revolutionize the wholesale market by connecting independent retailers with artisanal brands globally. Through their online marketplace, Faire offers a wide range of products including apparel, kitchenware, beauty supplies, and more, all while providing tools like Net 60 payment terms and free returns to mitigate inventory risks for retailers. Founded in 2017 in San Francisco, Faire has rapidly expanded, supporting a substantial number of retailers and brands to offer unique shopping experiences that emphasize local and independent businesses.

Founded: 2017

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Founded in 2017 by Max Rhodes, Daniele Perito, Marcelo Cortes, Jeffrey Kolovson, and Lauren Cooks Levitan, Faire has quickly established itself as a prominent online wholesale marketplace. Based in San Francisco, with additional offices in various international cities, Faire's platform is dedicated to enhancing the connection between independent artisans and local retailers by providing a seamless, risk-free buying experience. Faire's marketplace features a diverse array of products, including unique selections not available on major e-commerce sites like Amazon. This feature, among others, allows retailers to offer distinctive items that cater to specific consumer interests, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when items like cloth masks became highly sought after. The platform's functionality extends beyond product discovery, including financial tools such as Net 60 terms that allow retailers 60 days to pay for their orders, thus improving cash flow management. Furthermore, Faire takes on the risk of returns, offering free returns on items within 60 days of purchase, which encourages retailers to try new products without financial commitment. The technology backbone of Faire integrates advanced features such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to manage inventory efficiently and forecast demand. This technology enables Faire to minimize risks and operational costs for both retailers and suppliers while maximizing product availability and diversity. The platform also supports a robust marketing and customer management system that includes CRM, invoicing, and automatic payment processing, further simplifying the wholesale buying and selling process. Faire not only facilitates commerce but also fosters a community of brands and retailers who are keen to sustain the vibrancy and uniqueness of local shopping ecosystems.

Management Team

Max Rhodes Co-Founder and CEO
Daniele Perito Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer
Marcelo Cortes Co-Founder and CTO
Jeff Kolovson Co-Founder and COO
Lauren Cooks Levitan CFO

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