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FabFitFun is a subscription service offering a quarterly box of curated premium items across beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness categories. Designed to deliver value and discovery, each seasonal box includes a variety of full-sized products from well-known and emerging brands. FabFitFun also features an online community and exclusive member perks.

Founded: 2010

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FabFitFun Company Overview

FabFitFun is a premier subscription service that provides a quarterly box filled with a curated assortment of premium products spanning beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness categories. Each seasonal box is designed to deliver a unique and personalized experience, featuring full-sized items from both well-known and emerging brands. The company operates from Los Angeles, California, and has grown significantly due to its commitment to offering value, quality, and variety. Subscribers benefit from numerous member-exclusive perks beyond the seasonal boxes. FabFitFun offers access to an online community where members can engage and share their experiences. Additionally, the subscription includes opportunities to participate in exclusive sales and customize certain products within each box, tailoring the experience to individual preferences. FabFitFun also provides access to FabFitFun TV, a digital platform that offers a range of lifestyle content, including workout videos, cooking classes, and other instructional materials designed to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This comprehensive approach ensures that members receive not just physical products, but also valuable resources and content aimed at enhancing their overall well-being. The company partners with a variety of brands to ensure that each box contains a diverse mix of items, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation for subscribers. This element of surprise, combined with the assurance of high-quality products, makes FabFitFun a standout option in the subscription box market. The focus on fostering a supportive and engaged community further distinguishes FabFitFun, as it encourages members to connect and inspire each other in their wellness journeys. Through its thoughtfully curated boxes and extensive member benefits, FabFitFun aims to empower and uplift its members, promoting a well-rounded and enjoyable lifestyle. The company’s dedication to quality and member satisfaction continues to drive its popularity and success in the competitive subscription service industry.

Management Team

Michael Broukhim Co-Founder, Co-CEO
Daniel Broukhim Co-Founder, Co-CEO
David Oh Chief Product Officer
Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens Co-Founder, Editor in Chief
Leslie Burthey VP of Marketing

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