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Exactera provides advanced tax compliance solutions powered by AI technology, focusing on transfer pricing, R&D tax credits, and tax provision. Their services help businesses streamline tax operations, reduce compliance risk, and optimize tax-related processes. Exactera's expert team ensures efficient, accurate, and cost-effective tax management for clients worldwide.

Founded: 2001

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Exactera, established to transform the landscape of tax compliance, utilizes sophisticated AI technology to deliver specialized tax solutions. The company's expertise lies in transfer pricing, R&D tax credits, and tax provision, catering to the intricate demands of global tax regulations. By integrating advanced AI with in-depth tax knowledge, Exactera offers precise and efficient services designed to reduce compliance risks, control costs, and enhance transparency. Exactera's transfer pricing services provide a comprehensive approach to managing compliance, mitigating risks of penalties through localized expertise and AI-driven analysis. Their R&D tax credit solutions simplify the complex application process, ensuring businesses can maximize their eligible credits. For tax provision, Exactera's automated systems streamline intricate calculations and produce audit-ready reports, significantly reducing the time and effort involved in tax reporting. Founded by seasoned industry professionals, Exactera stands out for its commitment to innovation and excellence. The company's founders brought together their extensive experience and a vision to simplify tax compliance through technology. This foundation has enabled Exactera to develop tailored solutions that address the unique needs of businesses across various industries. Exactera's approach is customer-centric, focusing on delivering reliable and effective tax management services. Their team of experts works closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and provide customized solutions. This personalized service, combined with the power of AI, ensures that Exactera's clients achieve optimal results in their tax operations. In a constantly evolving tax landscape, Exactera continues to lead the industry with its innovative solutions and dedication to client success. Their ability to blend technology with tax expertise positions Exactera as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of tax compliance with confidence and efficiency.

Management Team

Michael Hickman CEO, CFO
Christy McDonald CRO
Mimi Song Chief Economist
Stephanie Israel Chief People Officer
Cory Parrish CTO

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