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Evernote is a premier note-taking and organizational app designed to streamline productivity for individuals and teams. It offers features like note creation, document scanning, task management, and AI-powered search. Evernote ensures seamless synchronization across all devices, enhancing daily workflows and project management.

Founded: 2004

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Evernote is a leading application that revolutionizes note-taking and organization. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including note creation, document scanning, and advanced task management. Users can enrich their notes with text, images, audio, and files, all securely stored and synchronized across multiple devices for easy access. Evernote's powerful AI-driven search capabilities make it easy to find content within notes, PDFs, and images. The Web Clipper tool enables users to save web content directly to their notebooks. The platform supports real-time collaboration, allowing teams to edit notes and manage tasks collectively, enhancing productivity and communication. The application caters to a diverse user base, including executives, entrepreneurs, students, and creative professionals, providing versatile solutions to improve daily workflows and project management. Evernote features calendar integration and personalized dashboards, offering users a centralized hub to manage their tasks, schedules, and deadlines. Committed to continuous innovation, Evernote frequently updates its features to improve user experience and productivity. Its ability to sync data automatically across devices ensures users have access to their information anywhere, anytime, even offline. Evernote stands as a reliable tool for personal and professional organization, helping users streamline their processes and achieve their goals efficiently.

Management Team

Stepan Pachikov Founder
Ian Small CEO
David Crawford Consulting CFO
Alexander Pashintsev Vice President, Research & Development

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