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Everlaw is a pioneering cloud-native platform specializing in ediscovery software solutions. Designed for law firms, corporations, and government agencies, it empowers legal professionals with tools for litigation, investigations, and trial preparation, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of legal proceedings.

Founded: 2010

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Founded with the vision to transform legal technology, Everlaw has emerged as a leader in the ediscovery software sector. The company’s cloud-native platform supports a range of legal processes including litigation, compliance investigations, and document management. Everlaw caters primarily to law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies, offering solutions that streamline the often complex discovery phase of legal cases. Everlaw's product suite includes advanced features such as predictive coding, document visualization, and a comprehensive case assessment toolkit. These tools are designed to enhance the efficiency of legal teams, allowing for rapid review and organization of vast amounts of data. The platform's use of artificial intelligence and machine learning further enhances its capability, providing users with powerful analytics that predict relevant document connections and outcomes. Key to Everlaw’s success is its user-centric design, which emphasizes accessibility and simplicity while managing complex data sets. This approach not only speeds up the review process but also reduces the chances of error, ensuring that legal teams can focus on the substantive aspects of their cases rather than the technicalities of data management. Everlaw was co-founded by AJ Shankar and Jeff Friedman, who brought together their expertise in technology and law to develop a solution that addresses the specific needs of the legal industry. Under their leadership, Everlaw has continuously innovated its technology, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of legal tech. Everlaw also places a strong emphasis on security and compliance, incorporating robust measures to protect sensitive data and comply with industry standards and regulations. This commitment has helped the company build trust with its users and grow its customer base globally. As it expands, Everlaw continues to invest in its technology and infrastructure, ensuring that it remains a reliable, efficient, and indispensable tool for legal professionals around the world. The platform not only simplifies the ediscovery process but also empowers teams to collaborate more effectively, leading to better outcomes in legal proceedings.

Management Team

AJ Shankar Founder and CEO
Rich Liu Chief Revenue Officer
Shana Simmons Chief Legal Officer
Anna Meyer Chief People Officer

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