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Esusu is a fintech company enhancing renters' credit scores by reporting rent payments to major credit bureaus. The platform aids property managers with rent reporting, analytics, and rent relief services, improving cash flow and social impact. Esusu aims to bridge the racial wealth gap by providing financial inclusion and stability through innovative solutions for renters and property managers alike.

Founded: 2018

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Esusu Company Overview

Esusu is a pioneering financial technology company with a mission to bridge the racial wealth gap through innovative rent reporting services. By reporting rent payments to major credit bureaus, Esusu helps renters build and improve their credit scores, addressing a common challenge for those lacking traditional credit histories. This service is particularly beneficial for renters seeking to establish or enhance their credit profiles, opening up greater financial opportunities. Esusu’s platform is designed to serve both renters and property managers. Renters gain the advantage of credit building, while property managers benefit from improved cash flow, reduced turnover, and enhanced property value. The company also offers rent relief services, providing zero-interest loans to renters facing financial hardships, which helps maintain stability in housing and supports community resilience. A key feature of Esusu’s offering is its comprehensive analytics, which assist property managers in making informed decisions. The company's partnerships with major financial institutions such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac highlight its credibility and significant impact in the industry. Esusu’s commitment to financial inclusion and stability is further demonstrated through its financial education initiatives and robust data security measures. By integrating these elements, Esusu not only aids individual renters but also contributes to the broader economic growth and resilience. As a leader in the rent reporting space, Esusu continues to innovate and expand its services, maintaining a strong focus on its vision of financial empowerment and inclusion for all.

Management Team

Abbey Wemimo Co-Founder
Rob Henning Chief Financial Officer
Samir Goel Co-Founder
Roslidah Okoth Vice President of Accounting and Finance
Alan James Director of Engineering
Andy Linder Director of Sales

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