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Entertainment Data Oracle (EDO) is a data analytics company specializing in advertising outcomes. They provide real-time, predictive, and historical engagement data, helping advertisers measure and optimize the effectiveness of their campaigns. EDO’s platform offers tools for outcomes measurement, competitive intelligence, and media planning.

Entertainment Data Oracle (EDO) Company Overview

Entertainment Data Oracle (EDO) is a premier data analytics firm that specializes in optimizing advertising outcomes across diverse media platforms. The company offers advanced tools for measuring and enhancing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. EDO's core services include outcomes measurement, competitive intelligence, cross-platform reporting, and audience optimization. Their flagship product, AdEngage, provides a robust database of advertisements and engagement metrics, allowing users to assess performance, refine media strategies, and improve creative approaches. EDO leverages real-time, predictive, and historical data to provide advertisers with actionable insights. This approach helps brands understand when consumers shift from passive viewing to active engagement, facilitating more effective advertising strategies. By analyzing consumer behavior, EDO enables advertisers to make informed decisions, optimize their campaigns, and achieve better business results. Key partnerships with industry leaders such as Nielsen and Disney enhance EDO’s capabilities, allowing the company to offer high-value insights and comprehensive performance metrics. These collaborations ensure that EDO remains at the forefront of advertising analytics, providing clients with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving media landscape. EDO's data-driven solutions are designed to meet the needs of top brands and networks, offering them the ability to track competitive performance, optimize media plans, and improve creative execution. The company's innovative approach captures critical moments of consumer engagement, providing advertisers with the information needed to drive better outcomes and maintain a competitive edge. EDO combines advanced data analytics with strategic partnerships to deliver comprehensive insights and tools for optimizing advertising effectiveness. By focusing on real-time consumer engagement and leveraging robust data sets, EDO empowers advertisers to enhance their campaigns and achieve superior results in a dynamic and competitive market.

Management Team

Kevin Krim President & Chief Executive Officer
Joshua Lee Head of Product & Chief Technology Officer
Sebastian Chiu Chief Data Scientist
Adam Binilla Executive Vice President, Co-GM Creative
Christine Kim Executive Vice President, Business Operations
Diane Staffan Head of Product Strategy

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