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Encapsulate Bio is a biotechnology company dedicated to improving cancer treatment through its innovative tumor-on-a-chip technology. This platform enables personalized treatment strategies by testing patient-derived microtumors against various cancer therapies, offering rapid and precise insights into the most effective treatment options.

Founded: 2018

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Encapsulate Bio, based in Farmington, Connecticut, is at the forefront of precision medicine with its groundbreaking tumor-on-a-chip technology. Founded by Armin Rad, Leila Daneshmandi, and Reza Amin, the company strives to transform cancer treatment by allowing personalized therapeutic approaches tailored to individual patient responses. This technology facilitates the rapid testing of various cancer treatments on microtumors derived from patient biopsies, providing oncologists and patients with critical data in under a week. The tumor-on-a-chip system not only speeds up the process of identifying effective treatment regimens but also reduces the physical and financial burdens of unnecessary treatments. Encapsulate has conducted extensive tests with over 50 cancer drugs, improving the predictability and efficacy of cancer therapies. Additionally, the platform supports pharmaceutical companies by enabling more focused pre-clinical trials and detailed patient response data, which are crucial for drug development and regulatory approval processes. Encapsulate Bio leverages its expert leadership to foster strategic collaborations that enhance its innovative cancer treatment technologies. These partnerships are vital as they allow Encapsulate to integrate cutting-edge research findings into their tumor-on-a-chip system, facilitating broad clinical trials and improving treatment personalization. Through these collaborations, Encapsulate extends the practical application and impact of its biotechnological advancements across the medical and scientific communities. Encapsulate Bio's mission encompasses not only advancing cancer treatment through technological innovation but also ensuring that personalized medicine becomes a practical and accessible reality for cancer patients worldwide, thus redefining therapeutic approaches in oncology.

Management Team

Armin Tahmasbi Rad, Ph.D. Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Leila Daneshmandi, Ph.D. Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Reza Amin, Ph.D. Co-Founder and Business Development Advisor
Bret Schipper, MD Chief Medical Officer
Joel Levine, MD Chief Strategy Officer

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