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Enable is a leading rebate management software company that helps businesses maximize their rebate programs and drive growth. The platform offers comprehensive tools for creating, tracking, and optimizing various rebate types, enhancing collaboration and financial outcomes. Enable’s solutions are designed for a wide range of industries, including distribution, manufacturing, and construction, and support roles from C-suite executives to finance and sales teams.

Founded: 2016

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Founded with the mission to revolutionize rebate management, Enable provides a robust software platform that streamlines the creation, tracking, and optimization of rebate programs. The company's solutions cater to diverse industries such as distribution, manufacturing, automotive, and pharmaceuticals, addressing the specific needs of each sector. Enable's comprehensive platform supports multiple rebate types, including annual rebates, special pricing agreements, commissions, and promotions, ensuring businesses can manage all aspects of their rebate strategies in one place. Key features of Enable's platform include advanced reporting, data transformation, executive and partner dashboards, and inventory accounting. These tools empower businesses to gain actionable insights, improve financial outcomes, and foster better collaboration with trading partners. The platform’s integration capabilities allow seamless connectivity with existing IT ecosystems, enhancing operational efficiency and enabling precise rebate calculations. Enable serves a broad spectrum of business roles, from C-suite executives and finance teams to IT, legal, and compliance professionals. By providing tailored solutions for each role, Enable ensures that all stakeholders can leverage the platform to achieve their objectives. The company's commitment to innovation is evident in its use of AI to drive better decision-making, boost financial performance, and seize every growth opportunity. With a strong focus on customer success, Enable has garnered trust from thousands of businesses across the supply chain. The platform's ability to deliver significant ROI and operational savings makes it a valuable asset for any organization looking to maximize their rebate management potential.

Management Team

Andrew Butt Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Jerry Brooner President, Global Field Operations
John Glendenning Advisor & Chief Revenue Officer
Nick Rose Chief Financial Officer
Alexandria Genetti Head of People

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