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Emulate is a pioneering biotechnology company specializing in the development of Organ-Chips, innovative tools designed to replicate human organ systems. These micro-engineered chips are used to model diseases, test drugs, and provide new insights into the inner workings of human biology, aiming to reduce translational failures in drug development and enhance personalized medicine.

Founded: 2013

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Founded with the mission to revolutionize how we understand and test human biology, Emulate, Inc. leverages its proprietary Organ-Chip technology to create a more accurate and efficient bridge between preclinical testing and human trials. The company's Organ-Chips are microfluidic devices that contain tiny channels lined with living human cells and tissues that mimic the natural physiological environment of human organs, including the lung, liver, brain, and heart. The inception of Emulate, Inc. traces back to research at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, where the foundational technology was developed. The company was officially launched to commercialize this technology, making it accessible for pharmaceutical research, disease modeling, and personalized health applications. Emulate offers a wide array of products centered around the Human Emulation System, which includes the organ-specific chips, instrumentation, and software necessary to operate and analyze the chips. Key products include the Brain-Chip, Liver-Chip, and Kidney-Chip, among others, each tailored to replicate the specific functions and cellular responses of their respective organs. The company also provides a range of services, including standard and custom protocol development, to support clients from academia and the pharmaceutical industry in implementing Organ-Chip technology. These services are designed to facilitate the integration of Emulate's technology into existing research and development workflows. Emulate's founders, including scientists from Harvard and leaders in the biotech industry, envisioned a platform that not only advances research but also significantly decreases the time and cost associated with drug development. With a commitment to innovation, Emulate continues to expand its technology applications across various medical and scientific fields, aiming to transform the landscape of health care and biomedical research.

Management Team

Jim Corbett CEO
Donal Ingber Scientific Founder
Daniel Levner CTO
Lorna Ewart EVP of Science
Stan King EVP of Corporate Development
Stuart Gibb VP of Sales
Chris Hinojosa VP of Platform Development
Kyung Jin Jang VP of Technology Implementation & Field Science
Christin Magyar VP of Finance
Jenn Perkins VP of Marketing
Stacy Perro VP of People
Ernie Ansah Senior Director of Quality Management
Luke Dimasi Senior Director of Product Management

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