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Electric AI specializes in streamlining IT management for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Their platform provides a comprehensive suite of IT support services, including device management, IT ticketing systems, and strategic IT project support. Electric AI empowers companies to manage their IT needs effectively, ensuring cost-efficiency and enhanced operational security.

Founded: 2016

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Electric AI, based in New York, specializes in comprehensive IT management solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises. Their platform harnesses AI technology to facilitate streamlined IT operations, featuring advanced device management, real-time IT support, and enhanced security protocols. Electric AI supports a growing network of over 900 companies, enabling efficient IT management across more than 50,000 employees. Their core offering includes the AI assistant 'Gigawatt', which handles IT inquiries and automates routine tasks, ensuring businesses can focus on growth without the typical IT burdens. This innovative approach positions Electric AI as a pioneer in scalable IT solutions tailored for modern business needs.

Management Team

Ryan Denehy Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member
Andrew Lazarus Chief Financial Officer
Larry Velez Chief Technology Officer
Andrea Kayal Chief Marketing Officer

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