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Egnyte offers a unified, AI-powered platform that manages, protects, and governs digital content across business environments. Trusted by over 22,000 businesses globally, Egnyte enhances operational efficiency by automating content-driven tasks and integrating with popular tools like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Founded: 2007

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Egnyte Company Overview

Founded with the vision to streamline content management through innovative technology, Egnyte has evolved into a pivotal player in data governance and collaboration solutions. This platform provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored to various industries, including construction, life sciences, and financial services. Egnyte's intelligent content platform leverages AI to offer features like sensitive content classification, ransomware detection, and insider risk management, enhancing data security and compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. The platform is designed to support seamless collaboration with features such as a cloud file server, large file collaboration, and PDF annotation. Egnyte's vertical solutions are custom-tailored to boost productivity and ensure data compliance across specific industry workflows. Additionally, the company emphasizes strong integration capabilities, allowing its system to function smoothly with essential business tools, thereby ensuring that Egnyte not only fits into existing business ecosystems but actively enhances their functionality. Egnyte's commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous improvement and adaptation to the dynamic needs of content-critical businesses, positioning itself as a leader in secure and efficient content management on a global scale.

Management Team

Vineet Jain CEO
Amrit Jassal CTO
Rajesh Ram Chief Experience Officer
Suzanne Colvin CFO
Ramin Farassat Chief Strategy & Product Officer
David Spitz CMO
Julie Giannini Chief Customer Officer
Kris Lahiri Chief Security Officer

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