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Earnin is a financial technology company offering innovative solutions to facilitate immediate access to earned wages. Their flagship service allows users to withdraw portions of their earned pay before the traditional payday, without mandatory fees or interest charges. By integrating features like credit monitoring and financial calculators, Earnin aims to empower users to manage their finances more effectively in real time.

Founded: 2012

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Earnin Company Overview

Founded as Activehours Inc., Earnin redefines the way employees access their pay by enabling them to cash out up to $100 per day or up to $750 per pay period, ahead of the scheduled payday. This service is designed to help users cover immediate expenses without waiting for the pay cycle to complete, promoting better financial management and avoiding overdraft fees. Earnin operates on a unique model where users can tip what they believe is fair for the service, but tipping is optional. The company also offers complementary financial tools such as free credit score tracking through VantageScore 3.0 by Experian, and a 'Balance Shield' feature that protects users from overdrafts by sending alerts or automatic cash outs when their bank balance falls below a preset limit. Additionally, the 'Tip Yourself' feature encourages saving by allowing users to set aside small amounts towards personalized savings goals. With a high focus on security, Earnin ensures user data protection with the latest technology and maintains a strong commitment to user privacy by not selling personal information. The platform's ease of use, coupled with robust customer support available directly through the app, positions Earnin as a forward-thinking player in the fintech space, dedicated to improving the financial well-being of its users.

Management Team

Ram Palaniappan Founder, CEO
Ramaneek Khanna CTO
Ramon Icasiano SVP of Customer Experience
Sangeetha Raghunathan General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

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