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Dutchie is an online platform facilitating the purchase of cannabis from local dispensaries. It offers a comprehensive service that includes browsing product menus, ordering for delivery or pickup, and using Dutchie Pay for secure, cashless transactions. Dutchie supports dispensaries with integrated solutions for point of sale, ecommerce, and payments.

Founded: 2017

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Dutchie Company Overview

Dutchie is a leading online platform revolutionizing the cannabis industry by connecting consumers with local dispensaries. The platform simplifies the process of purchasing cannabis products, allowing users to browse comprehensive menus from recreational and medicinal dispensaries, place orders for delivery or in-store pickup, and utilize Dutchie Pay for secure, cashless transactions. Dutchie’s user-friendly interface supports a wide range of cannabis products, including flowers, edibles, concentrates, and vaporizers. Dutchie offers robust business solutions for dispensaries, integrating point of sale, ecommerce, and payment processing into one seamless system. These tools help dispensaries manage their operations more efficiently, track inventory, process transactions, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The platform’s versatility and comprehensive service offerings make it an essential partner for dispensaries aiming to scale their operations and enhance customer satisfaction. Dutchie’s commitment to innovation and customer service has propelled its rapid expansion across North America. By providing a reliable and convenient way to purchase cannabis, Dutchie has earned the trust of both consumers and dispensary owners. The platform's cashless payment system, Dutchie Pay, links directly to users' bank accounts, eliminating the need for cash transactions and enhancing security. The company’s impact extends beyond merely facilitating transactions. Dutchie actively supports the cannabis community by advocating for legalization and social equity initiatives. Their efforts include providing resources and support to minority-owned dispensaries and contributing to policy discussions aimed at creating a more inclusive and equitable industry. In addition to its core services, Dutchie continuously invests in technology to improve the user experience and expand its offerings. By leveraging data analytics, the platform provides valuable insights to dispensaries, helping them make informed business decisions and better understand consumer preferences. Dutchie’s dedication to innovation, combined with its comprehensive support for dispensaries, positions it as a leader in the evolving cannabis market.

Management Team

Tim Barash CEO and Chairman
Chris Ostrowski CTO
Nick DeLeonardis CFO

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