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Dune is a leading blockchain analytics platform that specializes in providing comprehensive data-driven insights. It caters to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and financial analysts with an interactive interface that facilitates the effective visualization and interpretation of blockchain activities. The platform enables users to explore, create, and share analytical data through customizable dashboards, enhancing understanding and engagement within the blockchain community.

Founded: 2018

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Dune is a prominent blockchain analytics platform, essential for users like cryptocurrency analysts, researchers, and enthusiasts who delve into detailed blockchain transaction data. The platform enables the construction of complex queries, data visualization through charts, and sharing insights, thereby enhancing the collective understanding of blockchain ecosystems. Dune's interface is tailored to accommodate both novice and expert data analysts. It offers a variety of tools that simplify the conversion of complex blockchain data into easy-to-understand visual formats. This accessibility is particularly valuable in a field where data complexity can deter newcomers. One of Dune's key product offerings includes customizable dashboards that allow users to monitor blockchain activity in real-time. These dashboards can be tailored to focus on specific cryptocurrencies, transactions, or blockchain events, providing users with targeted insights. Additionally, Dune offers advanced SQL capabilities for data querying, which supports detailed and precise analysis, catering to more technical users. The platform's community-driven model is another significant feature. It allows users to share their dashboards and queries publicly, fostering a collaborative environment where insights and techniques are freely exchanged. This community aspect not only helps new users learn quickly but also continually enriches the platform's offerings. Dune is recognized for its contributions to making blockchain data actionable and transparent. By aggregating data from various blockchains into a single, coherent framework, Dune facilitates comparative analyses that are scarce in isolated or siloed data environments.

Management Team

Frederik Haga Co-Founder, Head of Engineering & Chief Executive Officer
Mats Olsen Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer & Chairman
Hannah Smith Chief of Staff

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