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DroneDeploy is a leading cloud software platform for commercial drones, providing comprehensive drone data solutions to improve workflows across various industries including agriculture, construction, and surveying. Their platform facilitates efficient data collection and analysis, enhancing productivity, safety, and decision-making processes.

Founded: 2013

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Founded in 2013 by Mike Winn, Jono Millin, and Nicholas Pilkington, DroneDeploy empowers users with powerful aerial data collection and analysis capabilities. Based in San Francisco, the company has swiftly grown into a prominent figure in the drone technology space, specializing in helping industries leverage drone data. DroneDeploy's platform supports a wide array of drones and offers tools for creating detailed aerial maps and 3D models. The software is designed for ease of use, enabling even those with limited technical knowledge to operate drones and analyze the captured data effectively. The platform's robust analytics tools help convert aerial data into actionable insights, which is particularly valuable in precision agriculture, construction site monitoring, and infrastructure inspection. The company’s technology enables automated flight safety checks, workflows, real-time mapping, and team collaboration, enhancing operational efficiency. DroneDeploy has also integrated with several third-party applications, enriching its ecosystem and offering extended functionalities like advanced reporting and better data management. With a significant investment in research and development, DroneDeploy remains at the forefront of innovation in the drone software industry. DroneDeploy continues to expand its global footprint, offering solutions that cater to a diverse client base across multiple industries seeking to capitalize on the benefits of aerial surveillance and analysis.

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