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DriveWealth is a pioneering financial services company providing a Brokerage-as-a-Service platform. Their technology empowers banks, broker-dealers, and fintechs worldwide to offer sophisticated trading and investment services. DriveWealth's API-driven solutions cater to a global clientele, enabling fractional share investing and a suite of other financial products designed to democratize access to the financial markets.

Founded: 2012

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DriveWealth Company Overview

Founded to democratize investment access, DriveWealth offers a comprehensive Brokerage-as-a-Service platform. This platform integrates seamlessly with various business models, including banks, financial advisors, and consumer brands globally. DriveWealth's innovative technology stack supports a wide range of investment products, such as U.S. equities, ETFs, mutual funds, and fixed income options. Their APIs facilitate modern investment solutions, allowing partners to offer services like fractional share investments, which were first introduced to the market by DriveWealth. DriveWealth's offerings are especially appealing in how they simplify the complex aspects of financial services. Their platform includes tools for onboarding, account funding, trading, and managing back-office functions. Partners benefit from DriveWealth's infrastructure which supports order routing, clearing, custody, and compliance, thus ensuring operational efficiency and regulatory adherence. Moreover, DriveWealth's leadership in fractional share investments and its institutional-grade execution capabilities mark it as a thought leader in the fintech space, providing significant advantages in client engagement and revenue generation for its partners. The company is registered with major U.S. financial authorities, which underscores its commitment to reliable and transparent financial dealings.

Management Team

Robert Cortright Founder, Executive Chair
Michael Blaugrund CEO
Jason Pizzorusso CFO
Aaron Sokasian CTO
Jeffrey Pasquerella CLO

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