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Drift is an AI-powered conversational marketing and sales platform that helps businesses engage website visitors in real-time. By utilizing advanced chatbots, personalized messaging, and robust integrations, Drift enhances customer experiences and optimizes lead conversion. The platform’s analytics capabilities provide actionable insights to drive revenue growth and improve sales efficiency.

Founded: 2015

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Founded by David Cancel and Elias Torres, Drift is headquartered in Boston and has emerged as a leader in conversational marketing and sales. The platform uses artificial intelligence to create personalized, real-time interactions with website visitors, fostering meaningful conversations that drive business growth. Drift’s suite of products includes AI-powered chatbots, which automate customer responses and lead qualification, and Drift Engage, which employs machine learning to analyze visitor behavior and optimize conversion strategies. Drift's comprehensive solution integrates seamlessly with major CRM and marketing automation platforms, ensuring that marketing and sales teams can collaborate effectively. Key features include real-time notifications, which alert sales representatives when a high-value lead is on the site, and detailed analytics that offer insights into customer engagement and sales performance. The platform has been shown to significantly enhance sales and marketing efficiency, with clients reporting improvements such as increased sales efficiency and higher sales win rates. By focusing on creating personalized customer experiences, Drift helps businesses convert more leads, shorten sales cycles, and ultimately drive revenue growth. Drift continues to evolve, constantly enhancing its AI capabilities and expanding its product offerings to meet the changing needs of businesses. As a pioneer in the conversational marketing space, Drift is dedicated to helping companies build stronger customer relationships and achieve their sales and marketing goals through innovative and impactful solutions.

Management Team

David Cancel CEO
Josh Allen Chief Revenue Officer

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