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Dragos is a leader in industrial cybersecurity, specializing in protecting Operational Technology (OT) environments. Through its advanced Dragos Platform, the company provides comprehensive solutions including asset visibility, threat detection, and incident response specifically tailored for Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Catering to sectors such as energy, manufacturing, and transportation, Dragos is integral to safeguarding critical infrastructure against evolving cyber threats.

Founded: 2016

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Dragos Company Overview

Founded by Robert M. Lee and other cybersecurity experts, Dragos has rapidly become a pivotal player in the industrial cybersecurity landscape. The company's core offering, the Dragos Platform, encapsulates extensive capabilities for asset management, vulnerability management, and cybersecurity response, particularly designed for the unique demands of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Operational Technology (OT) environments. This platform is distinguished by its ability to provide detailed visibility into OT assets, while effectively managing vulnerabilities and threats through tailored threat intelligence and expert-authored response playbooks. Dragos addresses the cybersecurity needs of various critical industries, including electric grid operations, manufacturing, and oil & gas, ensuring these sectors remain resilient against sophisticated cyber threats. The company's services extend to professional threat hunting, incident response, and cybersecurity training through Dragos Academy, enhancing the skill sets of IT and OT security professionals. Furthermore, Dragos' community initiatives like the OT-CERT program demonstrate its commitment to advancing collective cyber defense capabilities in the industry. With a leadership team composed of experienced cybersecurity and industry specialists, Dragos continues to lead in innovative cyber defense strategies, aiding organizations worldwide in securing their operational technologies and maintaining trust in their critical infrastructure operations.

Management Team

Robert M. Lee CEO
Jon Lavender CTO
Justin Cavinee Chief Data Scientist
Steve Applegate CISO

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