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Domino Data Lab provides a sophisticated platform for large-scale data science applications, focusing on AI development and deployment for heavily regulated industries. Their offerings cater to businesses seeking to accelerate AI integration while ensuring governance and compliance across all stages of model development and deployment. Domino enables effective collaboration and management of AI projects, supporting a broad ecosystem of tools and infrastructure to optimize performance and innovation.

Founded: 2013

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Founded in San Francisco, Domino Data Lab has established itself as a pivotal player in enabling enterprises to scale their data science capabilities. The company offers a comprehensive platform designed to facilitate the entire lifecycle of AI model development, from building to deployment and management, all within a governed environment. This ensures compliance with industry standards and reduces operational risks. Domino's platform supports a hybrid multicloud approach, allowing businesses to run AI workloads seamlessly across various environments—on-premises, public, private, or hybrid clouds. This flexibility helps companies leverage their existing infrastructure while optimizing performance and cost. Key features of Domino's platform include easy access to a wide range of open-source and commercial tools, automation of workflows, and robust management capabilities that ensure reproducibility and facilitate audit processes. Additionally, the platform provides features for managing AI risk and governance, such as turnkey model governance and thorough monitoring mechanisms. The company's client base includes high-profile enterprises across multiple industries, such as healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing, demonstrating its platform's capability to handle complex, data-driven tasks. Domino Data Lab continues to drive innovation in AI, helping businesses harness the power of data science to achieve significant operational efficiencies and advancements.

Management Team

Nick Elprin Co-Founder & CEO
Chris Yang Co-Founder & CTO
Dennis Sevilla CFO
David Cole Chief Customer Officer
David McClelland CMO

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