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Doctor On Demand is a leading telehealth service provider, offering 24/7 access to online medical and mental health care. Through their easy-to-use platform, they connect patients with board-certified physicians, psychiatrists, and licensed therapists for a variety of services including urgent care, chronic care, preventative health, and mental health treatments. This service is available across the United States, aiming to provide affordable and convenient healthcare solutions to individuals and families.

Founded: 2012

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Founded with the goal of revolutionizing healthcare access, Doctor On Demand provides a comprehensive suite of telehealth services designed to make medical and mental health care accessible to all. Their platform allows users to connect with healthcare professionals for consultations, therapy sessions, and immediate care through a secure, HIPAA-compliant video interface. The service covers a broad spectrum of health needs, from urgent care for illnesses such as colds, flu, and infections, to ongoing management of chronic conditions. Mental health services are a significant part of their offerings, with options for therapy and psychiatric evaluations that cater to issues like anxiety, depression, and stress management. Doctor On Demand stands out by integrating seamlessly with major health plans and many employers, potentially offering no-cost visits to millions of users. Their model prioritizes ease of use, starting from a simple account setup process to a real-time consultation with healthcare providers, ensuring that prescriptions, if needed, are sent directly to local pharmacies. The service is powered by a mobile app, which is central to their user experience, providing a convenient entry point for managing health consultations. Their clinical teams are highly rated by users for their professionalism and empathy, reflecting in their high patient satisfaction scores. Doctor On Demand also supports preventive health measures and offers skincare treatments, showcasing their holistic approach to health and wellness. This detailed, patient-centric approach, combined with robust technology integration, positions Doctor On Demand as a pivotal player in the telehealth industry, making healthcare more accessible and manageable for users nationwide.