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Docker, Inc. is a pioneering technology company that revolutionized software development by introducing Docker containers, enabling developers to create, deploy, and run applications with ease and efficiency. The platform is renowned for its ability to package software into standardized units, fostering consistency across different computing environments. Docker’s solutions are critical in today's DevOps-driven landscapes, significantly optimizing workflows and enhancing productivity across diverse industries.

Founded: 2013

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Docker, Inc. stands as a transformative figure in the tech industry, primarily known for developing Docker, a set of platform as a service (PaaS) products utilizing OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers. The concept of Docker emerged to address the challenges of inconsistencies between computing environments, which often led to the dreaded "it works on my machine" syndrome. By encapsulating an application and its dependencies into a container, Docker ensures that the software runs uniformly and consistently regardless of the deployment environment. The company was founded by Solomon Hykes, who initially started the Docker project as an internal project within dotCloud, a PaaS company. It quickly gained prominence and led to Docker spinning off as its own company. Docker containers have since become synonymous with containerization technology, influencing the creation of other competitive technologies like Kubernetes, which was originally designed by Google. Docker's product suite is vast, extending from local development tools to enterprise-grade solutions designed to support large-scale software deployments. Key products include Docker Desktop, Docker Hub, a cloud-based repository which allows developers to share and manage container images, and Docker Engine, which creates and runs Docker containers. Docker stands as a leading entity in the software development industry, underpinning many modern cloud infrastructures with its advanced technology. Adopted by major corporations worldwide, the company continuously innovates, enhancing user experiences, expanding functionalities, and maintaining high levels of security and efficiency. Docker’s influence and tools are indispensable for developers and companies aiming to streamline development cycles and improve software portability and scalability.

Management Team

Scott Johnston CEO
Justin Graham VP of Products
David Messina EVP of Strategic Alliances
John Kreisa SVP of Marketing
Jean-Laurent de Morlhon VP of Engineering
Sue Jaap VP of Human Resources
Lisa Berry General Counsel

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Docker Grows Software Development Capability with Mutagen Acquisition

The Docker Desktop development tool is getting new features that will help bridge the gap between local and cloud development.

Docker Inc. Adds File Synchronization by Acquiring Mutagen

Docker announced it has acquired Mutagen as part of an effort to integrate open source file synchronization and networking software within Docker Desktop. Webb Stevens, general manager for Docker Desktop, said that capability will make it simpler for developers that use Docker Desktop to build applications remotely by making it easier to transfer code, binary artifacts and network requests.

Docker and Kubernetes founders talk about the future of cloud

Docker is looking forward to the "emergence of hybrid, collaborative development environments,” according to CEO Scott Johnston. They see the rise of hybrid desktop/cloud collaborative development environments and AI changing how we create programs and how we'll use technology.

Docker, Inc. Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Alliances

Docker celebrated the 10th anniversary of its namesake artifact for building cloud-native apps by announcing new alliances.

Docker Helped Invent Containers, And Is Now Reinventing Itself - The Next Platform

Containers are still the hot new technology in the datacenter to some, but many of the pieces and parts that eventually would find their way into today’s container platforms have long-since been used by enterprises and developers thanks to Docker.

Docker Accelerates Investment in Container Security with Acquisition of Nestybox | Docker

Docker announced the acquisition of Nestybox, a company focused on enabling containers to run more types of workloads with enhanced isolation. Nestybox Sysbox is an open-source container runtime that works below Docker and Kubernetes.

Docker Accelerates Investment in Official Images and Trusted Content with Acquisition of InfoSiftr

Docker announced the acquisition of InfoSiftr, LLC, a company specializing in container images and registries that helps developers ship applications with increased velocity, agility and security. InfoSiftr is a long-term contributor to Docker open source projects and is one of its core maintainers.