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Divvy Homes offers an innovative rent-to-own program that enables renters to transition into homeowners. Customers select a home, which Divvy purchases, and then rent it while part of their monthly payments go towards a future down payment. This unique model provides an accessible path to homeownership, especially for those who might not immediately qualify for a mortgage.

Founded: 2017

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Founded to simplify the path to homeownership, Divvy Homes operates a distinctive rent-to-own model where potential homeowners can live in their desired home while preparing financially to purchase it. The company's program involves three main steps: getting prequalified, selecting a home, and moving in with an option to buy within three years. Each rent payment includes a portion that contributes to a down payment savings, designed to grow over time, making it easier for renters to eventually buy the home. Divvy sets itself apart by offering an all-cash purchase option for homes, which can enhance the buying power and appeal of its clients in competitive markets. After moving in, customers rent the home from Divvy while part of their monthly payment is allocated towards building a down payment. This process not only facilitates homeownership but also promotes financial discipline among participants. The company’s approach caters to a broad audience, especially those with less-than-perfect credit or insufficient savings for a traditional down payment. Divvy provides transparency by allowing customers to lock in a purchase price at the beginning of their lease, offering predictability in their financial planning. Should circumstances change, customers have the option to walk away after providing notice, retaining the equity they’ve built minus certain fees. Founded by a team passionate about making homeownership achievable for more people, Divvy has been recognized in several prominent publications and has expanded its services across multiple U.S. markets. With a commitment to customer empowerment and innovation in the real estate sector, Divvy Homes continues to redefine the rent-to-own space, making it a viable and attractive option for aspiring homeowners.

Management Team

Adena Hefets Co-Founder and CEO
Nicholas Clark Co-Founder and CTO
John Lee CFO and COO

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