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Delphistem is a pioneering company specializing in the storage of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to promote longevity and personalized medical treatments. Their services enable individuals to store their stem cells at their youngest state, enhancing future health prospects and medical interventions. Delphistem aims to increase life expectancy and quality through advanced cell preservation technology and a focus on preventive healthcare.

Founded: 2021

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Founded with a vision to extend human life expectancy to 100 years by leveraging cutting-edge biotechnology, Delphistem has positioned itself at the forefront of the healthcare industry by providing a unique service: the storage of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). These stem cells are reprogrammed to an embryonic-like state, allowing them to potentially develop into any type of cell in the body. This capability underpins Delphistem’s innovative approach to preventive healthcare and personalized medicine. Delphistem’s service is designed for individuals seeking to take proactive measures toward their long-term health. By storing stem cells when they are at their youngest and most vital, Delphistem offers its clients the potential to benefit from emerging medical treatments and technologies in the future. This can include early detection of disease predispositions and the development of personalized treatment strategies tailored to individual genetic profiles. The company was founded by a team of experts in biotechnology and healthcare, driven by the historical increase in life expectancy and the potential for future advancements. The team believes that by combining their advanced stem cell technology with a deep understanding of genetic factors, they can significantly improve both the quality and duration of life for their clients. Delphistem operates under a membership model, where clients can choose from various tiers of service. Each tier offers different benefits, from basic cell storage to comprehensive health monitoring and future treatment options. This model ensures that clients can select a plan that best suits their needs and financial considerations. Furthermore, Delphistem is actively involved in scientific research, constantly seeking to enhance their technologies and expand the applications of iPSCs. They maintain an active presence in the scientific community, contributing to and staying abreast of the latest developments in stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Delphistem's mission is not only to extend life but to ensure that those extended years are healthy and vibrant. They aim to empower individuals to take control of their future health today, using advanced science to make a significant impact on how we live and age.

Management Team

Noel Moya Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Science and Technology Officer
Danae Moya Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

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