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Degreed is a leading learning and upskilling platform designed to help organizations and individuals build, measure, and communicate skills. It offers comprehensive tools for personalized learning, career development, and skill analytics, empowering users to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving job market.

Founded: 2012

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Degreed is an innovative platform that reimagines learning and skill development for the modern workforce. Co-founded by David Blake and Eric Sharp, Degreed addresses the need for continuous learning and upskilling in an era of rapid technological advancement. The platform offers a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that integrates various learning resources, including courses, videos, articles, and podcasts, into a unified learning ecosystem. Degreed’s core offerings include personalized learning pathways, academies for deeper skill development, and a content marketplace that supports diverse learning preferences and needs. The platform's flexible and open learning ecosystem enables organizations to deploy premium, self-generated, and open-source content, ensuring comprehensive skill-building opportunities. One of Degreed’s standout features is its sophisticated skill analytics, which provides organizations with valuable insights into skill levels and gaps across their workforce. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions about talent development and future planning. Degreed partners with some of the world’s leading companies, providing tailored learning solutions that enhance employee engagement, retention, and overall performance. Degreed’s mission is to make skill development accessible and effective for everyone, from onboarding new employees to developing executives. With a focus on lifelong learning, Degreed empowers individuals to take control of their career growth while enabling organizations to build agile, future-ready teams.

Management Team

David Blake Co-Founder, Executive Chairman
Chris McCarthy Chief Executive Officer
Eric Sharp Co-Founder, Technology Advisor
Kat Kennedy Chief Experience Officer
Nate Kimmons Chief of Business Operations
Scott Lindeman Chief Financial Officer
Kelly Palmer Chief Learning Officer
Marc Eberhart Chief Marketing Officer
Lisa Feher Chief People Officer
TJ Williams Chief Revenue Officer
Scott Smith Chief Technology Officer
Jonathan Munk Head of Corporate Development & Strategy
Jeff Sherlock Head of Product
Lindsay Euller Vice President, Client Success
Brett Andersen Vice President, Client Success
Chad Wanless Vice President, North America Sales

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