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Deep Instinct leverages deep learning to provide advanced cybersecurity solutions. Their platform predicts and prevents ransomware, zero-day threats, and unknown malware across storage, applications, and endpoints. The company is distinguished by its predictive prevention approach, offering unparalleled threat accuracy and minimal false positives.

Founded: 2015

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Deep Instinct revolutionizes cybersecurity through its pioneering deep learning technology, designed explicitly for cyber threat prevention. Unlike traditional machine learning models, Deep Instinct's deep learning framework enables predictive prevention of unknown malware and zero-day threats, offering unmatched accuracy and reducing false positives. Their platform ensures comprehensive protection for storage, applications, and endpoints, effectively neutralizing threats before they inflict damage. A standout feature is DIANNA, an AI cyber companion providing expert-level malware analysis, enhancing the ability of security teams to understand and respond to threats swiftly. This innovative approach not only mitigates operational impacts but also significantly lowers the stress on security teams. Deep Instinct's technology is trusted by global enterprises, delivering efficient threat prediction and prevention that supports robust business operations. Deep Instinct emphasizes a proactive security stance, focusing on threat prevention rather than mere detection. This philosophy aligns with their mission to transform cybersecurity and create safer digital environments for businesses worldwide. The company's commitment to cutting-edge research and development ensures they stay ahead of emerging threats, continuously evolving their solutions to meet the dynamic landscape of cyber risks. Their platform's capabilities extend beyond typical endpoint protection, encompassing a wide range of potential threat vectors to provide holistic cybersecurity solutions. This comprehensive approach, combined with their deep learning expertise, places Deep Instinct at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry, setting new benchmarks for predictive threat prevention and operational efficiency. As cyber threats continue to evolve, Deep Instinct remains dedicated to innovating and delivering superior protection to safeguard enterprises' digital assets and data integrity.

Management Team

Lane Bess Chief Executive Officer
Guy Caspi Founder & Chief Alliance Officer
Heather Bellini Chief Financial Officer
Ryan Shopp Chief Marketing Officer
Carl Froggett Chief Intelligence Officer

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