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DataRobot is a leader in enterprise artificial intelligence (AI), providing an AI platform that enhances business operations through generative and predictive AI. With a strong emphasis on business outcomes, DataRobot equips companies with the tools to govern, operate, and innovate AI solutions confidently, driving significant value across various industries.

Founded: 2012

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DataRobot stands at the forefront of AI technology with its cutting-edge platform designed for both generative and predictive AI applications. Founded with a mission to democratize AI, DataRobot offers an expansive suite of services enabling businesses to innovate, build, and govern AI solutions at scale. The platform allows users to leverage their data effectively, integrating seamlessly with various APIs, tooling, and applications to provide a tailored AI experience. The company's approach centers around empowering organizations to manage their AI landscape with full visibility and control, ensuring compliance and governance while fostering innovation. By offering a comprehensive toolkit for analyzing, transforming, training, and tuning data, DataRobot accelerates the deployment of AI models, ensuring faster operationalization and tangible business outcomes. With a diverse customer base that spans multiple industries including healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing, DataRobot has been instrumental in transforming AI initiatives into strategic advantages. The platform's effectiveness is highlighted by its ability to facilitate rapid experimentation and quicker transitions from development to production, thus driving a substantial return on investment for its users. DataRobot is an indispensable AI partner for enterprises looking to harness the full potential of their data through robust, scalable, and governable AI solutions, making it an appealing prospect for investors and stakeholders interested in cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Management Team

Jeremy Achin CEO, Co-Founder
Dan Wright President, COO
Natalie Hogan Chief Administrative Officer

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