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Dataminr specializes in AI-driven real-time event and risk detection, providing critical information to enhance response times for various sectors including public safety, corporate security, and news media. Utilizing advanced AI technologies, the platform processes vast amounts of data to alert users about emerging risks and important events, helping them make informed decisions swiftly.

Founded: 2009

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Dataminr Company Overview

Founded to leverage real-time data, Dataminr has developed an advanced AI platform that processes extensive data sets to alert users to emerging risks and important events, helping them respond proactively. The company's offerings include Dataminr Pulse, which assists businesses in managing diverse risks; First Alert, designed for first responders to act swiftly on breaking events; and Dataminr for News, which supports journalists worldwide in timely reporting. Dataminr serves various sectors such as public safety, corporate security, and news media, emphasizing its commitment to enhancing decision-making speed and accuracy. The leadership team comprises experts in AI, machine learning, and data analytics, guiding the company in pioneering real-time information services and improving global response to threats.

Management Team

Ted Bailey Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Jeffery Kinsey Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Kiran Rao Chief Strategy Officer
Whitney Benner Chief People Officer
Jason Edelboim President and Chief Operating Officer
Brooks Crichlow Chief Marketing Officer
John Abbot Chief Financial Officer
Adam Bates Chief Product Officer
Dan Carmichael Chief Information Security Officer

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Dataminr Pulse Expands to Offer AI-powered Risk Management Capabilities

Dataminr announced the release of its new AI-powered Risk Management capabilities for Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security—relied on by more than two-thirds of the Fortune 50 and half of the Fortune 100.

Dataminr President Dana Barnes Talks Harnessing AI to Maximize Potential Value in Data & More

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Dataminr Announces the Launch of Cyber-Physical A2I Partner

Dataminr, one of the world's leading AI businesses, today announced the launch of the Cyber-Physical A2I Partner Coalition at the upcoming RSA Conference. This new strategic partnership among leading cybersecurity organizations will address the growing challenges corporations face at the intersection of cyber and physical security.

Dataminr AI cybersecurity offering provides actionable intelligence on real-time risks

Dataminr announced the launch of a new artificial intelligence cybersecurity offering designed to deliver actionable intelligence on real-time risks and cyber-physical threats to corporate enterprises.

Dataminr Launches Crisis Response Program to Support Nonprofits

Dataminr announced the launch of its Crisis Response program—a key component of the company's social good efforts. The program will provide free, limited-term licenses and training for qualified nonprofits of all sizes to help address their need for real-time information during and in the immediate aftermath of major emergencies.