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Datameer is a pioneering data transformation platform designed to enhance data integration and analytics processes for enterprises. Its cloud-native solutions empower users with no-code and SQL tools to manage, clean, enrich, and automate data workflows efficiently. Trusted by top global companies, Datameer integrates seamlessly with modern data stacks, particularly Snowflake, optimizing costs and promoting high-quality data management and analytics.

Founded: 2009

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Datameer Company Overview

Founded with a vision to streamline data processes, Datameer offers a robust suite of tools that support dynamic data management and transformation needs of businesses globally. Its platform is designed to integrate effortlessly with Snowflake, allowing organizations to keep all their data in one place, thus minimizing duplication and enhancing accessibility. Datameer specializes in providing a low-code platform where users can leverage both no-code interfaces and powerful SQL capabilities to perform complex data transformations. This approach not only speeds up the analytics deployment but also enhances the ease of use, making it suitable for data teams of varying skill levels. The platform includes features for job management, where users can create, manage, and monitor cloud data warehouse jobs within a secure environment, and data quality features that promote accuracy and reliability across organizational data. Additionally, Datameer focuses on cost control by offering tools and dashboards that help users understand, monitor, and manage their cloud data warehouse spending effectively. Its AI-powered data project documentation tool further simplifies data management by automating project documentation and discovery processes. The company also places a significant emphasis on collaboration, enabling data engineers, warehouse admins, and business users to deploy, manage, and analyze data effectively. For example, data engineers can deploy high-quality analytics code rapidly, warehouse admins gain full visibility and control over data warehouse costs, and business users can explore and analyze datasets with greater ease. Datameer's platform promises real-world efficiency, claiming to reduce data engineering time significantly and increase the speed of building data transformations. With features like instant user activation and continuous innovation, the platform ensures that users can start quickly and stay up-to-date with the latest features, all while enjoying cost savings from no required installation, maintenance, or IT labor.

Management Team

Christian Rodatus CEO
George Shahid CFO
Frank Henze Vice President of Innovation
Matt McManus Vice President of Engineering
Benoîte Yver Vice President of Marketing

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