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Dataiku is a leading platform in enterprise AI and machine learning, enabling organizations to build, deploy, and manage their AI and data projects. It offers comprehensive tools for data science, including data preparation, machine learning, and model management, all designed to enhance collaboration across teams and ensure governance, security, and scalability.

Founded: 2013

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Dataiku Company Overview

Founded to democratize access to data science and empower companies to build their own path to enterprise AI, Dataiku offers an end-to-end platform that facilitates everything from data preparation to deployment of AI models. The platform is uniquely designed to foster collaboration among data scientists, analysts, and business users, providing both code-friendly and visual interfaces to streamline the data analytics process. Dataiku's key capabilities include robust machine learning tools, extensive data preparation functionalities, and the ability to manage the entire data lifecycle with ease. The platform supports a variety of plugins and connectors, enhancing its extensibility and allowing users to tailor solutions to their specific needs. It also features strong governance and security frameworks, making it suitable for large-scale, sensitive data operations across industries like banking, healthcare, and retail. The company is widely recognized in the tech community, receiving accolades for its innovation and impact in transforming businesses through AI. Dataiku continues to expand its reach, driving AI integration in various sectors by making advanced data science tools accessible and manageable. This approach not only maximizes efficiency and ROI for businesses but also transforms them into AI-driven enterprises ready for the future of technology.

Management Team

Florian Douetteau Co-Founder and CEO
Clément Sténac Co-Founder and CTO
Adam Towns CFO
Bridget Shea Chief Customer Officer
Romain Fouache Chief Revenue Officer
Edward Bush COO
Daniel Brennan Chief Legal Officer

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