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Databricks is a leading data and AI company that provides a unified platform for data analytics and artificial intelligence. Specializing in solutions that integrate with existing tools, Databricks helps organizations accelerate innovation and make efficient use of their data across various sectors including healthcare, financial services, and media.

Founded: 2013

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Founded to harness the potential of big data and machine learning, Databricks offers a comprehensive suite called the Databricks Platform. This platform facilitates data engineering, data management, and real-time analytics, providing tools necessary for data orchestration and exploration. At its core, the platform utilizes open-source technologies such as Apache Spark, while also advancing areas like machine learning with its own innovations, such as the new open-source foundation model, DBRX. Databricks has been instrumental in defining the concept of a "lakehouse," which merges the capabilities of data lakes and data warehouses, thus providing more efficient data management solutions. This design enables businesses to maintain data lineage, quality, control, and privacy, crucial for robust AI model training and deployment. The company has formed strategic partnerships with major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP, ensuring its platform is widely accessible and integrates seamlessly with a multitude of cloud environments. This broad accessibility is complemented by extensive support and training resources, including Databricks Academy and professional certifications. By leveraging a blend of proprietary and open-source technologies, Databricks empowers businesses to innovate quickly, make data-driven decisions more efficiently, and optimize operational workflows. The platform's scalability and comprehensive toolset make it a preferred choice for enterprises aiming to become data-driven organizations.

Management Team

Ali Ghodsi Co-Founder and CEO
Ron Gabrisko CRO
David Conte CFO
Amy Reichanadter Chief People Officer
Rick Schultz CMO
Hatim Shafique Chief Customer Officer
David Cook Chief Information Security Officer

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