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Big Data Stock, formerly known as App Annie, is a leading provider of mobile market data, offering comprehensive insights into app performance and digital market trends. Their products and services cater to a diverse range of industries including gaming, fintech, and advertising, delivering data-driven intelligence to optimize user acquisition, revenue, and market strategy.

Founded: 2010 Website Company Overview, previously recognized as App Annie, has established itself as a pivotal player in the realm of mobile market analytics. Founded with the vision to transform market data into actionable insights, utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technologies to aggregate and analyze data from over 8 million apps and numerous websites. The company offers a suite of products designed to meet various business needs. Their flagship product, Intelligence, provides detailed analytics on app performance, aiding businesses in customer acquisition and retention. Another notable offering, Total Revenue, helps clients understand and optimize their revenue streams through comprehensive breakdowns of in-app purchases and ad revenue. For more personalized insights, ConnectPlus allows businesses to track critical data from their own apps in one consolidated platform.'s solutions serve a broad spectrum of sectors including banking, retail, and health & wellness, among others. They support companies in making informed decisions about product marketing, business development, and investment management. Their platform's versatility is also evident in its global reach, offering services in multiple languages and catering to an international clientele. The company is based on the ethos of trust and assurance, emphasizing reliable data handling and customer privacy. They maintain a strong commitment to continuous innovation, regularly updating their services and offerings to keep pace with market dynamics and client needs.’s leadership team comprises experts from various fields, ensuring a rich blend of knowledge and expertise guiding the company’s strategic directions. Overall, is committed to empowering businesses with the tools to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape effectively, making it an indispensable ally in the era of mobile and digital proliferation.

Management Team

Ted Krantz CEO
Sam Yang SVP Global Field Operations
Paul Stolorz Chief Data Scientist
Remy Bleijendaal SVP People
David Fuller General Counsel
Bertrand Salord Global VP Marketing
Cindy Deng Managing Director, International
Jill McClure Chief of Staff

Funding Information

News announces Top Publishers in 2023, the leading mobile data analytics provider, announces the annual Top Publisher Award winners, which recognizes the most successful mobile companies around the world. unveils mobile performance metric combining in-app purchases, ad revenue data - MARKETECH APAC

Mobile data analytics provider has announced the launch of Total App Revenue (TAR), a mobile performance metric that provides brands and publishers visibility into all mobile revenue streams. Powered by’s proprietary artificial intelligence, TAR introduces the first mobile performance metric that combines advertising revenue, first-to-market products, and in-app purchase, providing a competitive advantage for in-app advertising, cohort purchases, and ad network performance. Launches App Market Intelligence on Snowflake Marketplace, Helping Companies Unlock Unique Consumer and Market Insights (formerly App Annie), the leading mobile data analytics provider, announced today that its Intelligence Platform is available to joint customers via Snowflake Marketplace, enabling customers to track mobile market trends and optimize their growth strategy with proprietary data and best-in-class market estimates. launches innovative solution to illuminate the digital landscape and capitalize on new opportunities (formerly App Annie), the first unified data ai company, today announced the launch of two innovative products to help enterprises illuminate the digital landscape, identify new opportunities and maximize growth. The addition of App IQ and IAP SKU (In-App Purchase SKU) will provide insights to drive effective consumer strategies.

App Annie becomes to be the ‘unified data standard’

Mobile data and analytics platform App Annie has rebranded as, as the company repositions itself as the “unified data standard” to capitalize on what it calls a “big enterprise market opportunity.”