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Dandelion Energy specializes in residential geothermal heating and cooling solutions. Their systems utilize ground-source heat pumps to provide efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly climate control. By replacing traditional HVAC systems, Dandelion reduces carbon footprints and operational costs, while increasing home value and energy efficiency.

Founded: 2017

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Dandelion Energy Company Overview

Dandelion Energy, established to innovate the residential energy market, focuses on providing cutting-edge geothermal heating and cooling systems. Leveraging ground-source heat pumps, their technology harnesses the earth's stable temperature to efficiently regulate indoor climate. This process involves circulating water through underground pipes, transferring heat to and from the home. Unlike conventional HVAC systems, Dandelion's geothermal solutions do not rely on fossil fuels, significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Dandelion Energy aims to make geothermal technology more accessible and affordable. Their end-to-end service includes a comprehensive assessment of the property, custom system design, professional installation, and continuous support. The installation process is streamlined with Dandelion's proprietary drilling technology, minimizing disruption and installation time. One of Dandelion's flagship products is the Dandelion Air heat pump, which offers superior heating and cooling efficiency. This system is paired with a smart thermostat, allowing homeowners to optimize energy use and achieve significant savings on utility bills. Dandelion's geothermal systems are also eligible for various federal and local incentives, reducing the upfront costs for homeowners. The company emphasizes sustainability and long-term cost savings, positioning its geothermal systems as a future-proof investment. Homeowners benefit from lower operational costs, increased property value, and a reduced carbon footprint. Dandelion Energy's commitment to quality and innovation has made it a leader in the residential geothermal market, providing a reliable alternative to traditional heating and cooling methods. Through continuous advancements and customer-centric services, Dandelion Energy is driving the adoption of renewable energy solutions, contributing to a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Management Team

Michael Sachse Chief Executive Officer & Board Member
Kathleen Hannun Co-Founder, Board Member & President
Forrest Baringer-Jones Chief Financial Officer
Eduardo Llorente Chief Operating Officer

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