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CrowdStreet is an innovative online platform that provides individual investors direct access to a wide range of commercial real estate investment opportunities across the United States. Its marketplace connects investors with exclusive deals, offering diversified real estate investments that are carefully curated based on geography, asset class, and risk profile. CrowdStreet empowers investors to engage directly with real estate projects and access in-depth information, financials, and market insights to make informed investment decisions.

Founded: 2012

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Founded with the vision to democratize access to commercial real estate investments, CrowdStreet has emerged as a leader in the online real estate investment sector. The platform uniquely enables individual investors to directly invest in high-quality real estate projects from a centralized online marketplace. By removing traditional barriers to investment such as high entry costs and access to premium projects, CrowdStreet has significantly widened the scope for individual participation in commercial real estate ventures. The cornerstone of CrowdStreet’s offering is its marketplace, where investors can explore a diverse array of investment opportunities. These opportunities are meticulously selected based on asset class, geographic diversity, and risk profile, ensuring a broad range of options for investors of all types. Each listing on the marketplace is accompanied by comprehensive details, including exhaustive financial analyses, market insights, and project overviews, allowing investors to make well-informed decisions. CrowdStreet was developed by a team of real estate professionals and technology innovators who recognized the potential of the internet to simplify real estate investing. Their combined expertise facilitated the creation of a platform that not only simplifies the investment process but also provides educational resources, making it easier for new investors to understand the complex dynamics of real estate investing. Investor education is a key component of the CrowdStreet approach. The platform offers resources such as webinars, detailed guides, and market analysis to equip investors with the knowledge necessary to navigate the real estate market confidently. This educational approach is complemented by an array of tools designed to assist investors in tracking their investments and engaging with the investor community. CrowdStreet maintains rigorous screening standards to ensure the quality and potential of each real estate deal presented on its platform. This involves a thorough due diligence process conducted by experienced investment professionals. Moreover, CrowdStreet provides ongoing support through its Investor Relations team, which is accessible to guide investors through every step of the investment process. CrowdStreet has not only provided a platform for accessible and transparent real estate investments but has also fostered a community of educated and empowered individual investors. This has been instrumental in transforming the landscape of real estate investing, making it more inclusive and accessible to a wider audience.

Management Team

Tore Steen Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member
Londa Quisling Chief Technology Officer
Genni Combes Chief Financial Officer
Darren Powderly Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer

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