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Cross River combines the reliability of a traditional bank with the innovative approach of a tech company. Specializing in API-driven banking solutions, Cross River offers a platform that integrates comprehensive banking services such as payments, card issuance, and lending solutions. This infrastructure supports partners across various industries by facilitating regulatory compliance and promoting scalable financial technology innovations.

Founded: 2008

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Cross River represents a pioneering approach to banking and technology, bridging the gap between financial safety and technological innovation. Established as a bank, Cross River has adopted the flexibility and ingenuity of a fintech company, creating a robust platform that supports diverse financial operations through its advanced API-driven banking infrastructure. This platform encompasses a wide array of services including platform lending, marketplace lending, capital solutions, card and deposit programs, and various payment systems such as FedNow and Real-Time Payments (RTP). The company has positioned itself as a crucial partner for businesses looking to integrate financial services seamlessly. By handling compliance and risk management, Cross River ensures that its partners can focus on growth and innovation without the regulatory overhead typically associated with financial services. The firm's strategic collaborations with major financial networks like Visa and Mastercard enhance its card and account programs, facilitating custom solutions for credit building and streamlined customer experiences. Cross River also places a strong emphasis on community engagement and social responsibility, supporting economic development and financial inclusion. With a commitment to delivering state-of-the-art financial solutions to both underserved and well-established markets, Cross River continues to redefine the possibilities within the fintech industry.

Management Team

Gilles Gade Chief Executive Officer
Geoffrey Kott Chief Financial Officer
Randi Schnochet Chief Marketing Officer
Suzanne Anziska VP Marketing
Kathy Nelson Chief Operating Officer
Elliot Rothschild Chief Accounting Officer

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