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Cribl provides advanced data management solutions for IT and security, offering a suite of products to streamline data collection, processing, and routing. Their platform supports various use cases, from observability to data storage, ensuring flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency for enterprises managing large data volumes.

Founded: 2017

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Founded to revolutionize data management for IT and security operations, Cribl offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to handle the complex requirements of modern data environments. The company's portfolio includes Cribl Stream, a vendor-agnostic observability pipeline; Cribl Edge, which focuses on scalable data collection at the edge; Cribl Search, allowing in-place data search without prior collection; Cribl Lake, a turnkey data lake solution; and Cribl.Cloud, a platform that simplifies infrastructure management. Additionally, Cribl Copilot provides AI-powered assistance for deployment and troubleshooting, and AppScope offers visibility into application behavior without needing configuration. Cribl's solutions cater to various industries, including financial services, healthcare, and public sectors, ensuring they meet specific industry needs. The company's focus on eliminating vendor lock-in and optimizing data management costs has positioned it as a critical player in the data management ecosystem. The leadership team at Cribl boasts a wealth of experience from leading technology companies, driving innovation and growth. Their commitment to open observability and seamless integration with existing data tools underscores their mission to provide choice, control, and flexibility in data operations. Cribl's significant achievements include partnerships with major technology firms like Amazon and Microsoft, reflecting its growing influence and adoption across enterprises. The company's rapid growth, evidenced by its inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list, highlights its successful trajectory and the increasing demand for its innovative solutions in managing IT and security data effectively.

Management Team

Clint Sharp Co-Founder and CEO
Ledion Bitincka Co-Founder and CTO
Dritan Bitincka Co-Founder and Head of Product

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