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Credit Sesame offers a comprehensive suite of financial tools aimed at improving users' financial health. Specializing in free credit score analysis and financial planning, the platform enables users to access daily credit score updates, credit monitoring, and tailored financial advice. Credit Sesame also provides insights into credit and loan opportunities, helping users make informed financial decisions.

Founded: 2010

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Credit Sesame Company Overview

Founded in 2010, Credit Sesame has established itself as a significant player in the fintech industry, providing essential services designed to enhance users' financial status. The platform centers around offering free access to credit scores, accompanied by detailed analyses and personalized recommendations for improving financial health. Credit Sesame's unique value proposition lies in its algorithmic approach to personal financial management, assessing users’ credit information to offer bespoke advice and product recommendations, such as credit cards and loans. The company's innovative tools include a "Sesame Grade," which evaluates financial health across various parameters, helping users understand the factors affecting their credit scores. Furthermore, Credit Sesame actively assists in identity protection and offers insurance products, reflecting its holistic approach to personal finance. With a commitment to empowering consumers, Credit Sesame also invests in educational resources to demystify credit scores and financial decision-making, thereby fostering financial literacy among its users. Its solutions are tailored to cater to diverse financial situations, including tools for those new to credit or looking to improve their scores. The platform's integration of advanced security measures ensures that user data is always protected, making Credit Sesame a trusted partner in personal finance management.

Management Team

Adrian Nazari Founder and CEO
Pablo Gaito Chief People Officer
Pejman Makhfi CTO
Shadi Khorashadi General Counsel
Jay Moon VP of Marketing
Paul Rava VP of Finance
Joe Raymond VP of Product
Shazia Virji VP of Business Development
Ihsan Kurt VP of Data and Analyics
Sambit Basu VP of Engineering

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